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It was a GXE model with 101k miles on it - the books said that it was worth anywhere from $5k to $6.5k. I ended up selling it to a former co-worker of mine for $5k (a great buy).

The wierd thing is... My buddy (they guy who bought it) took it to a mechanic who was a member of his extended family and he said that there were three cracked engine mounts. I trust my friend - he wouldn't cheat me, so I split the cost of the engine mounts 50/50.

I would have never thought to look at those before I sold it. But - 3 out of 5 engine mounts cracked?

I wonder how the hydraulic mounts on the TL will fare compared to the solid rubber ones of that car. One thing I know is - if they break out of warranty.... they'll be very expensive (to replace those 3 plain-old rubber mounts on the Altima was $500).
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