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If anyone is looking to buy new car/home stereo stuff

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Let me know...I have a LOT of hookups and I will set you up with the lowest price I can find for you guys...I promise. :) Just wanted to tell everyone before they went and bought that $550 RF bd1500 amp that I can get for at least $100 less....:D

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yup, austin's got the hook ups!!! i bought my subs from his "buddies" definately cheaper than anywhere else on the web, including ebay.
Thanks bud :) <bow> And I'm hosting your sig pic too :D Heh heh.

:hug: Thank you Austin, I'll be talking to you about some speakers...

Sounds great about this for starters...Polk Dx-6s...

[email protected]

Austin truly is the man:bigok:. He hooked me up w/some JL XR650-CS for $200.00 less than retail from a guy in CA. I paid the guy via Pay-Pal on Saturday and they were out the door monday. Came UPS 7 days later, nicely packaged and shiny new.

Thanks again Austin,

Hey Austin hows it hanging! I just IM'd you, but I figured Id post here too. I have some JBL GTO front components and Im looking to match them with a pair of GTO 6x9's for the rear. Know anyone? Im also open to other brands if you reccomend any, (Boston?)
Great to hear it man :) Let me know if you have any problems.

Already asked about pricing...I'll reply to you when I get a response.

Yeah got the IM bud. Thanks for the loyalty with the trim/sills as well...glad to know I wasn't just blown by when he took that stuff over. I'll email my guys tonight on pricing. As for other personal favorites are jl's, focals, and infinity's, in that order...but it's all a wallet and ear thing man...gotta have a price range and decide at a shop what sounds best to you.

I'm looking into a Boston Accoustic Pro 10.5 sub
and a sub amp with active low pass to power it...
(nothing too nice, it's just going with the stock)

You can hook up with home stereo, too???
I'll ask about the BA, as for a sub amp with an "active low pass" that doesn't tell me much :) Tell me the price range and preferences...I suggest you go surfing some websites or go to some shops to narrow it down! :)

Sure can man...that's how I have my 5 piece Infinity minuette system with a 10" powered sub for $150 :D

Austin519 said:
Let me know...I have a LOT of hookups and I will set you up with the lowest price I can find for you guys...I promise. :)
Thanks Austin...really appreciate it...
None of my guys can get Polk any cheaper than I've seen it on I'd suggest just going there. Sorry bud :(

the JBL GTO 6x9's are $115 shipped for the 935's and $100 shipped for the 930's

Boston Pro 10's are $190 shipped. You also may want to look at this auction:

Later guys
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Thanks for checking Austin...I really appreciate it :beerchug:
Np man :)

austin hey can you get boston acoustics for good prices....i am looking for the RM6 or RX6.....let me know what you can do....
I will ask my dealers. As I said in PM send me an email at [email protected] and I will make sure to ask.

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