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Hi, I've owned this car for about 15 years, Love its engineering. But have to sell it now. I will miss it. Good motor. Runs great. And have been active previously in Legend forum.
Couple things it needs: Shocks, Engine mount
and of course needs paint, the overcoat peeling. The interior is good condition. Power windows, PS, PB, AC (but needs to convert to 134R) . I really love this car. Motor is strong. May need distributor. It has passed every Ca smog previously. I do not want to sell it but I must. I wont be able to work on these things since disabled now due to an injury at work. I believe many interchangeable parts between years. I live in an awful hoa situation where cant do much.
So I'd like this to go to someone who could use it well. For parts or fix the things and drive it. Be cheap fix. 4 Door Sedan. Sun roof, cruise control etc It drives, just shocks bounce.
Like I said I don't really want to get rid of it. But $300 or offer .
These cars in that era were the engineering marvel . :smile2: I can send pictures

If no takers, junkyard it goes :frown2:
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