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These were the set that came with the car, but the driver side formed a small crack that would allow water in when the car was power washed. The crack was glued with transparent plastic-specific glue so it's watertight and basically invisible now, but they were still replaced just in case (Ambroid ProWeld was the glue if you're curious). The passenger side does not have any damage, it was only replaced to maintain symmetry of part wear (just like you replace headlight bulbs in pairs). This set is ONLY the portions of the taillight mounted into the trunk lid on either side of the license plate, not the set that mount into the rear quarter panels. Honda P/N 34156-SEA-A01 and 34151-SEA-A01.

I'm really only trying to avoid throwing them away since they're still technically good and I hate waste, so I'm not charging a penny for them. You pay to get them to you (packaging material and shipping), and they're yours.


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