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Names Eric,

just looking to sell my integra, it's a clear title and I'm asking $15,000. Below is a list of mods and what's up with the car at the moment.

Exterior: Candy Apple Red PPG paint
JDM front conversion w/ metal fenders & radiator support replacement
Extreme Dimensions C-1 front bumper
Extreme Dimensions Bomber side skirts --molded--
Extreme Dimensions Bomex rear bumper --molded w/ custom rear camera--
Carbon Creations Bomex side skirts --molded--
Carbon Creations carbon fiber flush mount rear wing
FEELS wide body kit --molded--
NSX side vents --molded--
APR carbon fiber mirrors
DECA lambo door conversion
Varad white strobe lighting in the front and rear lights
Varad gold undercarriage kit
Varad blue LED's in the side vents
Aluminum gas door
Custom sponsored graphics
Shaved antenna -- side moldings -- handles -- water directors

Interior: Painted Honda Silver & Gunmetal Gray fiberglass dash
Sparco racing seats w/ 5-point harnesses
Sparco steering wheel w/ suede
Custom guage pod on top of dash for 3 GReddy gauges --molded--
Custom guage pod around steering wheel for 2 GReddy gauges --molded--
Custom center panel with Ignited switches for numerous lighting and power options
Custom headliner w/ suede
Varad blue, green & gold lighting
Black carpet

Engine: 1999 B18B1 (Integra LS Block) w/ 2001 B16A (Civic SI Head) -- (LS/VTEC Conversion) Block & head are capable of 400+ HP
Drag III T3/T4 Turbo kit chromed and painted --(modified turbo manifold and downpipe both chromed and heat tested)--
HKS wastegate -- HKS turbo timer -- HKS super sequential blowoff valve (this engine uses twin blowoff valves GReddy & HKS)
ACT clutch
Lightened flywheel
Nitrous Express direct port wet kit
Nitrous Express carbon fiber bottles (located in trunk)
Nitrous Express custom purge kit routed to NSX side vents
GReddy gauges exhaust temp -- oil pressure -- oil temp -- fuel pressure -- turbo psi
GReddy ECU/Engine management controller
GReddy front mount intercooler
GReddy type S blowoff valve (this engine uses twin blowoff valves GReddy & HKS)
JE Pistons and Crower Rods
Aluminum Moroso Oil Pan
Skunk II intake manifold
Skunk II ODB1 to ODB2 ECU converter
Integra GSR (VTEC) ECU
Crane Cams valve springs & retainers -- Crane Cams spark plugs wires
AC Block guard
RC 440cc injectors
AEM fuel rail -- AEM fuel regulator -- AEM oil cap -- AEM fuel filter -- AEM cam gears -- AEM pulley's
Ichibahn spark plug cover
Thermal 3" exhaust system
3" High flow cat
APR upper strut bar
Injen over flow tank
Koyo radiator
Fal fan
Varad blue, white & gold LED's
Varad white strobe lights
--The block has been painted gun metal gray with numerous chrome accents and has been hosed by Hose Techniques--

Rollers: 19x7.5 Konig Holes --Gun metal Gray--

Suspension: Air Werx custom air bag suspension --suspension has been painted honda silver with a few chrome accents--
Chrome air tanks x2

Stoppers: AEM big brake kit both front and rear --(custom chrome accents)--

I.C.E. Custom amp rack -- sub rack --eq rack -- cap rack
Audiobahn 800w 10" subs x4
Audiobahn 240w 5-1/2 component set x2
Audiobahn 260w 6-1/4 component set x2
Audiobahn 2000w amplifiers x2
Audiobahn 1000w amplifier x1
Audiobahn 40 band equalizer
Audiobahn 2 fared capacitor
Optimum batteries x5
AC/DC converter
Playstation 2
7" screen molded into the dash on the passenger side
Varad blue, white & gold LED's

Over $40,000.00 invested via sponsors and personnel spending's

This car has been sponsored and has full filled all sponsorship requirements with: Toyo Tires, Varad, Suspension Techniques, Fluidyne, AEM, Ichibahn Inc., Audiobahn Inc., Nitrous Express, Konig, Carbon Creations, Extreme Dimensions, APR, Crane Cams and Ignited Performance.

The engine has 1,200 - 1,400 miles on it. The car has an odometer reading of 64,141. The engine has been broken in on 6 psi of boost. The engine is capable of producing 400+HP. *nothing above 20psi is recomended unless front axles are upgrade and race fuel is used. The fuel system and all engine management should be tuned on a dyno for best performance. The car is street tuned at the moment and is still set for 6psi.*

The engine is not running at this time. It requires an in-line fuel pump for $110 which can be installed at any local speed shop for $50, a 1994-1997 engine wiring harness which can be picked up at any pick and pull for $100-150. The RC injector plugs can be purchased through RC for $10 per injector plug. 4 of them are required for this vehicle. I do have the front axles which can be installed at Acura, Honda or any local speed shop for $60-100. The shift linkage needs to be reattached and the brakes bled. The hand brake, power steering and AC has been removed from this vehicle. This car has also been modified with a DC/AC power converter to run all electronics on the car. Meaning, you can charge the car via a wall outlet or run power at any show.

I do not have the time required due to work and family to take care of these items listed above. I have however taken these numbers into consideration before listing my price. If you require further assistance concerning this vehicle please feel free to call me at 210.325.2576 my name is Eric.

If interested, due to the lack of mobility at the moment of this car...I am willing to sell the enclosed trailer shown in a few of the pictures below. Please call me for more information if this interests you. This option may help take care of any shipping cost you may incur...all you would need is a truck to pick up both the car and trailer. I will supply the tie down straps, tow hitch and will also include 6 chrome show stands (the trailer is modified inside to secure the stands). I will make pictures available upon request. The asking price is $3,000.00 for the trailer.

I have enclosed a few pictures...I couldn't send any of the engine due to the size. If you are interested after viewing these and would like to see the engine, please hit me up with your email address. [email protected]

If the link opens below, you can get a fair shot of the engine.


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Turbo, LS/Vtec, and Nos? :sqnteek:

Great job on the look though.

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Hmmm, something doesn't seem right about this to me. I dont know.

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$40k invested into this and asking for only $15k?

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still for sale

I have some family issues that I need to take care of. I had it listed on Ebay for a week at 15k with no reserve and it didn't sell. I don't want to part with it, but it comes down to taking care of my family or keeping my car.

Most people say if there's 40k+ invested, then sell it for 40k...well if you can find me someone that's willing to pay that much, please let me know...I find it hard enough to find someone to pay 15k, escpecially since it was a no reserve on ebay and never got one bid.

If your truly interested, please contact me. I will not part it out.

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