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I've decided to spend some cash on my '90 LS. A little more HP, maybe up to around 175 or a little more. The most important thing to me is reliability....improve the block, transmission, drive train and suspension.

I don't race, or rat race this car, but occupationally I do crank it up mostly, to get around drivers that seem to want to get in the fast lane and get in everybody's way. I run this car across IH-10 in Texas where the speed limit is 80. It runs well in the high end, but there's nothing in the bottom end. It takes about 4500 rpm till it's got some power.

I know from past experience that there's no substitute for cubic inches, but have no idea about what will go in an Integra without modifying the engine compartment and I don't want to fill it up with a turbo.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
This is a great little car with virtually no body damage, and I consider it to be a long term keeper. Now at 164k miles. It was owned by a college professor who sold it to me for $500. I've got $1200 in it....took me three years to find it.

I've been looking at other engines, but with all the computerized sensors I don't know what will go in, or what changes are needed.
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