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Introduction to the new Acuraworld Preferred Vendor program (AWPV)...

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The Acuraworld Preferred Vendor program is intended to be an elite program for participating vendors in the Acuraworld community. There are several items interested vendors must satisfy to become an AWPV:

1) The vendor must be a regular participant (post in Shop Talk or other car-related forums multiple times per week).
2) The vendor must request to become a member of the AWPV or be nominated by a member.
3) The vendor will be voted on in the moderator forum for final approval. The moderator vote will stand in all situations.

AWPVs get the following exclusive benefits:

1) AWPV forum (here) where only AWPVs can post, but everyone can view. Can be used for sales, prices, whatever.
2) Exclusive location for banners and links in our soon-coming "links" section.
3) AWPVs are requested to provide special AW member-only discounts or specials.
4) A special moniker (aka custom status), avatar, and / or section of the links area.

So start working now towards this program that rewards vendors for their time and effort in assisting Acuraworld members! There will be an initial seed group of vendors chosen very soon - if you are interested in becoming a member of the seed group, PM or IM any supermoderator or admin with your desire, and you will be considered on a first-come first-serve basis.
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Additionally - we will do a periodic review of AWPV participants to determine if they are participating / bettering the AW community. Remember - the guiding concept of this program is to reward those vendors who participate in Acuraworld with special perks that allow them to reap rewards for that participation.
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