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Is HID a non-negotiable???

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2004 TSX

I'm a new member here and I've searched and come up empty. We just purchased a '04 TSX and there is considerable condensation inside the passenger headlamp housing....a few days back the headlight went out altogether. I've been researching what it would cost to replace the housing, the ballast, and the bulb and my head is spinning. PLEASE, PLEASE....can anyone tell me if there is an option to convert the entire system to a simple halogen or LED solution so I am not sinking hundreds and hundreds of dollars into changing lightbulbs? Being a lifelong Honda owner, I bought this car for our kids to drive because I trust Honda's reliability...not because it was a luxury model. I did have my mechanic look it over. Got a fairly good bill of health. However, had I done more research and found out about the headlights, I may have thought twice. The car runs and drives fine...other than the navi and touch screen which I've all but given up on. If anyone knows of a way to change the lighting to a simpler, more cost effective system, I'd really appreciate it.....thanks!
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