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I just moved across country and had to sell my 2009 TL before leaving. (too expensive to ship 2 cars). Since the car we kept is primarily my wife's car, I'm shopping for a new used car. I'm now going to be working from home so I can't justify another large monthly car payment since I won't be driving so much - no daily commute! I'm hoping to find a reliable and solid min SUV for well under $12K. So, what about the 2012 RDX Turbo - the smallest of the RDX's...the smaller foot print appeals to me. I test drove one of these a couple of years ago and loved the way it handled. But would a used one a good idea? I'm hoping to find one with under 70K miles on it.

Anything I should know about this model of RDX? Are older ones reliable? I live where it snows alot in winter so handling in snow is important. The other options are used Foresters, CRV's, maybe a used Outback, etc..
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