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Hello, I am a new member.

2 days ago I just purchased a 2004 Acura Rl with 176,000 miles on it.
The next day I brought it to Costco and purchased 4 new Michelin Pilot HX MXM4. Are these tires suitable for my car? While driving, I experienced a somewhat see-saw motion of the car. Has anyone ever experienced this?
Did I choose the wrong tires and if so, what do you recommend?

My worn out Yokohamas didn't have this issue. In fact, they gave me a smooth ride and I didn't have that see-saw motion. The costco manager recommended I drive with the new tires for a week or two. And if it still poses the same issue, then he would exchange them.

My second concern is my navigation system. Intermittently, it would work and other times the screen stays at the Acura navigation page. While driving, it would refresh itself, but it stays stuck on the same page.

Please help, thanks ahead!

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It's difficult to comment on the tire issue, but since the tires were just replaced and the vehicle was fine before that, we can assume that it is indeed tire related. The only other thing that could be happening, is that something may have loosened up if an alignment was performed.

By all means, DO NOT drive the car if you feel it is unsafe to do so. If the car feels safe, then do as the shop recommended.

I've attached all the diagnostic info for the navigation system, as well as a file showing how to access the SCS port and plug in the connector. In order to do the diagnostic, you'll need the SCS service connector, available here:


Good luck! Let us know how you make out :)


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