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* Will
* 96 RL3.5 Premium Black
* Boston area, Massachusetts
* Photography, Music, reading, learning, astronomy, wine making & tasting (when not driving), travel, sports - mostly watching, DIY landscaping and home repairs, getting back into automotive DIY.
* Unemployed for the time being, hence DIY
* Been >3 decades since HS and Coll.

Received 96 RL from family member. ~150k miles. Odometer not visible, A/C out of order, left door mirror inoperable and dangling, rear right window permanently up, Ball joints need replacing. Recent front end damage requires right headlamp replacement and bumper beam to be bent back into shape and upper bar to be welded onto main beam. A few more issues that LBJ motors identified. Otherwise runs OK.

Found forum and looking for advice on repairs, etc.

Willing to invest in repair manual and take on repairs needed to pass Mass. inspection. Will turn over to professional for ball joints if I can repair the mirror and headlight\bumper.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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