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07/01/2009 - TORRANCE, Calif. -

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted June vehicle sales of 100,420, a decline of 32.4 percent compared to June 2008 results*. American Honda year-to-date sales of 530,778 represent a 33.1 percent decrease.

Sales of Honda's Odyssey and Pilot light truck models showed gains of 11.8 percent and 7.7 percent respectively. Honda total car sales decreased 43.8 percent to 52,662 and Honda light truck sales decreased 5.6 percent to 39,478. Honda Division posted June sales of 92,140, a decline of 32.0 percent versus June 2008.

"We're seeing signs of strength in our light truck segments with solid gains for Honda's Odyssey and Pilot models this month," said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. "American families clearly still have a need for the value and versatility that Honda vehicles have to offer."

The Acura Division posted June 2009 sales of 8,280, a decrease of 36.2 percent compared to June 2008.

*The daily selling rate is calculated with 25 days for June 2009 and 24 days for June 2008. The year-to-date daily selling rate is calculated with 152 days for 2009 and 153 days for 2008. All percentages represent the daily selling rate.
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