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The biggest and best show in the east is set. The date... JUNE 8-9! The spot... Ocean City, MD!

June has just been catapulted into what could be the biggest thing on the east coast... All the elements of the OC Car Show are in place but we have added a MEGA MEET to the event for all those that want to be a part of the event. On SATURDAY, JUNE 8th we have 8th FEST coming to the outdoor portion of the event.

Plus, the biggest addition in the history of the event is the addition of FR3SH MEET on Sunday, June 9th! Combining forces makes the OC Car Show the biggest automotive and enthusiast festival on the east coast...

The show still offers a full indoor show and its judged 2 day outside showoff!


ADMISSION TICKETS ARE ALL SOLD RIGHT AT THE DOOR! Tickets to the event are unlimited and cover all aspects of the show and concert! Updates on the performers for June will be announced as the event gets closer! We are pulling out all the stops for 2013! Get ready to ROLL!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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