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Just got a 2008 TL and passenger side mirror/turn signal cracked....

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Car is a 2008 Acura TL, non-navigation

I got the car on Saturday 4/21/12, I noticed today that the housing on the passenger side mirror and the mirror turn signal cover is cracked. The turn signal still works on the mirror though.

I went to a drive thru car wash on 4/23/12 and the passenger side mirror was folded in after I left the car wash. I'm pretty sure that is where the damage happened. I just didnt notice it at the time

Does anyone know how much this would cost to fix at a body shop or by ordering parts and attempting it myself, or is it a big pain to DIY?

Thank you
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You can DIY.

Just remove the door panel, a few bolts holding the mirror assembly, and replace.

Oh btw, saw this same post on acurazine lol
thank you, yes same post as Acurazine. I thought I could get more feedback on both.

Do I need to order the 34301-STX-305 LAMP UNIT, R. SIDE TURN (COO)
The clear lens is cracked, but the turn signal still works. (PART 2 on illustration on link you posted)

I know I need to order 76201-SEP-A11ZD HOUSING SET, R. *NH603P*
would this part have the clear lens that covers the turn signal?

Thank you
I don't think if you order the housing set that it would include the lens.

The best bet is to contact, them though.

I honestly think you should search around for a used set for the best deal
Maybe visit a junk yard?

Is it a big pain to remove the door panel with a ton of parts to remember where they go?
Nah, door panels are really easy to remove.

There's a cover behidn the door handle from the inside.
Behind that are two philips screws.

Under the arm rest above the compartment, there's a philips screw.

With the door open, there's a rubber stopper screw that needs to be removed.

Then all you do is pull the panel to release the clips.

Then disconnect the door handle clip and place the door panel aside.

These guides will help:

Repairing a side view mirror 3G Garage #E-045 - AcuraZine Community

E-115: '07 mirrors on '06 FYI - AcuraZine Community
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