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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum but wanted to share my story. It involves an expressway crash caused by debris on the road and the repairs that follow.

I drive a 2003 Acura 3.2CL Type S with 240k miles.

I was driving behind a pickup truck In the fast lane of the expressway when out of nowhere he darts to his left and then right. With only a second to respond, I realized he was dodging some chairs on the expressway. I dodged to my left but my car lost control and I slammed into the concrete barrier. After skidding to a stop, I gathered myself and drove across 4 lanes to the nearest exit. Luckily there was a car shop near by which I managed to get my car to.

Upon checking the damage, somehow the whole left side of my car was untouched. The rear driver side wheel, however, was pretty janky looking.

The repair guy said that 2 of the control arms were bent and need to be replaced. He told me that's all he can visually see, but we'll see if there is anything else wrong after the repair.

I'm looking at $425 for the repair and $75 for an alignment or I can attempt all the work myself.

As it is now, I'm waiting for the parts to arrive. I tried attaching a picture comparing the damaged control arms to the undamaged side but the forum wont let me.

What do you guys think, how likely is it that the control arms are just the beginning of the problems? Would you recommend trying to fix it myself (I'm fairly savvy).
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