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Ok, so after a lot of research on this website and others I wasn't able to find the answer I am looking for.
I had a P0325 code for knock sensor and code P0401 for EGR flow.
I removed half on engine and finally cleared the out the hole on back of intake manifold, replaced all gaskets and everything is good. P0401 code is gone.
However I can not get rid of the P0325 code, I was told it was most likely the cheap gas I was using but code still comes up which leads me to a faulty knock sensor. :wtf:
I can not find any info or pictures of where the knock sensors are located and also unable to find a manual for the 1st gen RL to find out where these sensors are.
Has anyone fixed this really annoying problem?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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