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So, i bought this 02 RSX -S 2.0 knowing there is a problem with the engine.
I'm a garage mechanic, not a professional one. I have rebuilt Ford and Chevy engines before, and i know my way around.
The motor is quiet when idling, but Rattles pretty bad when revved.
It could be pinging, it's hard to say.:bash:
1. I think the problem may be simply that the car needs to have valves adjusted. I searched around this site and cannot find anything about the procedure.
2. Is there a "knock" sensor somewhere on this engine. Maybe that thing is bad.
I purchased an INNOVA 1003 scan tool today and ran the codes.
There was NO codes stored in ECM. So that leads me to believe the sensors are all working.
3. I hate Chiltons manuals but i will get one if thats the only way to learn about this engine. Does anyone know of a better manual?

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Think of doing the valve adjustment like a mix between a chevy and a ford. Cylinder at TDC, use a feeler gauge and slip it between the tappet at the top of the valve. Loosen the 10mm jam nut and tighten or loosed with a flat head.
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