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Have Legend Coupe 1993 (3.2 Auto) and its been stood in a garage for a year doing nothing.
1st issue: The engine oil light flickers, and this is getting me Very Worried. The engine has sat in a Barn for months. It has the right level of oil. I want to drive it 16 miles to a garage...but do not want to hurt it!

Second, when its sat on the driveway in Park the engine revs rise and fall, without me touching anything. Put it into Drive or R and it stabilises at 1,200 revs! What is the reason? Old petrol? (I did put new Shell Petrol in it last weekend!)
The oil has been changed, and a new Oil filter fitted.

3rd: The Front Bumper/Fender has a washer jet/nozzle that sticks out of the bumper. This is missing and hard to find replacement part? Its black and has two holes to wash headlight. See pic below!! Any tips or contacts welcomed!
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