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license plate frame

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How do i move the plate off my bumper and onto the air dam?
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my license plate frame had two screws connecting it to bumper underbody, simply unscrew and the plate frame comes off, BEWARE the plate frame may have left some huge marks on your front bumper where it ate away at the paint, thats what happened to me, and I'm trying to devise a way to fix it without taking it into shop.

not sure how would u would place it onto one of the airdams...
i'm talking about like moving it under the bumper.
rayman009 said:
i'm talking about like moving it under the bumper.
the easiest way to do it, is to unscrew the frame, flip it over, and tie them underneath the bumper. you can ask josh (bebber), he has that done.

and of course the best way is to not even put up the front licence plate :)
Thanks to mike_snyder for posting this at another forum:

"Ok, I know many have discussed the front plate lowering, but I wanted to share how I accomplished it and the results looks great. I removed the front plate bracket (2 bolts underneath - no holes in front face of bumper.) I then drilled two holes approximately 2" (toward the front) of the existing holes in the bracket. I bought new longer bolts, approximately 2" and used them to mount the inverted bracket. Inverting the bracket using the existing holes causes the bracket to be pushed out too far forward for my taste and the plate doesn't sit so this is the purpose of drilling the new holes. Also, since the bracket isn't really designed to be mounted like this, the front top edge of the bracket rests against the lower edge of the bumper, but the result is a level plate, with the bracket corner edges sticking out about 1/4 inch on each side when looking down at the top edge of the bumper. I don't have a digital camera, but if someone really doesn't undestand what I am trying to describe, I can borrow one and post pics.

I know others have inverted the bracket and used tie wraps, but my experience with tie wraps is that over time, they crack and fail. I didn't want to risk losing the plate and I like the factory look of the bracket around the edges of the plate. What would be even nicer is no plate, but I happen to live in a state where it doesn't work like that and don't need any additional reasons for flashing lights in my rearview!"

Here's a pic:


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Good post!! :thumbsup:

But does it really worth it?
does anyone know where i can purcahse a licence plate frame that say 3.2 tl?? and if so how much?
We're working on a AcuraWorld license plate frame. stay tuned...
does anyone know where i can purcahse a licence plate frame that say 3.2 tl?? and if so how much?
I have a chrome one with 3.2 tl on it. I got it from the dealership for about $30.
What license plate frame.....:D No front plate in Indiana...:bigok:
yeah this is a simple mod that makes the car look a lot better. but of course, no front plate would look better:D here are some pics of my car with this mod:

oh and yes my front bumper is scratched a little. How much will it cost to repaint? anyone know?
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