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Lightweight flywheel-would would actually spend the $$ on one?

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Lightweight flywheel-would anyone actually spend the $$ on one?

I talked to the VP of Fidanza at Nopi this weekend about the lack of an available lightweight flywheel for our cars. He expressed a willingness to produce one if we could actually put together a group of 10 or more buyers. I have to send him a 5 spd flywheel to take a look at. Price would be determined once he has looked at the stock flywheel. Most of their flywheels sell for around $300-400. I would assume something at the higher end of that scale for now since this would be a very low volume project for them. This would be a great upgrade for all us 5/6spd owners (utilizing the 5 spd clutch setup on the 6 spds.) So the question is, who here would seriously buy one? If there is enough interest, I'll pursue it. Obviously none of the details such as weight, etc have been determined yet-so I can't answer those questions at this time. All I need to know right now is who would really spend the money and do this.

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yea i noticed a difference in how fast rev's go up and down. it seems to pull harder up top, although when i first got it in i wanted to see how 1st gear pull was and spun the tires all the way through the gear. which it never did with the 38lb one. but it feels pretty normal though, i would really like to have a lighter one. (10lb) it made a difference but not a huge gigantic improvement.
got a video of my car 6spd with the 5 spd 22lb flywheel. i will post once it finishes uploading...
problem? it works at i still cant watch it on my comp (MAC) i can only hear it.
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