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picked up a well preserved 2004 RL yesterday. from what i can tell it's in great shape and runs like a top.

106K on the odo, new goodyears, and the only thing i can find wrong with her is a bit of fingernail indentations in the turn signal.

wow i lied already. :eek: i was getting some rubbing noise, very slight, from the rear. i figured it was just the back brakes needing to be done but upon inspection the pads were fine and the rotors weren't that worn.

so i gassed it in reverse and pressed the brake firmly.

noise is gone. :dance:

i needed a decent car for sales without breaking the bank and found this at my local acura dealer.

argh i can't post a pic from the bucket because i'm a n00b. :mad:

i had been a nissan guy for years but couldn't find a good reason not to buy this car.

so happy i did, my drive to work this morning was awesome.

i'm in my mid 40's and feel like i finally grew up.

it's good to be here and i am looking forward to seeing all the great rides and tips for maintenance.

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