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Looking for 04-06 TL Auto Trans

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I knew this day would come, 2006 TL, super clean inside and out 202k on the clock, tranny is finally fried. When I got the car a year ago it was quirky, changed a few solenoids and the issues cleared up but would still act up now and then. A week ago while driving home after a 12 hour day of work 10 miles from home total transmission failure. I had it towed to my mechanics garage, we swapped the trans fluid with new, he said the old (Lucas Synthetic) smelled really bad, burnt. It had gotten really hot and some had bubbled out of the vent tube. It moves a little forward and backward now but makes an awful noise and you have to rev it high to get it to move at all. I am having a tough time finding a replacement tranny since this is a common problem for the 40-06 TL's. Does anyone within 150 miles of Philly have a used 04,05 or 06 Automatic Transmission for sale? If not do you have a good source? Remanufactured are insanely expensive $2235 and used range from $800-$1800 with a short warranty. I'm willing to drive within a 150 mile radius of Philadelphia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have heard that an 06-07 Accord auto trans is swappable with an 04-06 TL auto. Does anyone know if an 04 Honda Oddyssey 3.0 auto would work as well?
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