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Hello all,

I have a 2019 RDX and had insane infotainment issues with it since day 1. I actually complained to Acura/Honda Canada and they swapped my vehicle after a bit of a battle. They initially advised that this was an isolated issue. Then said this was not a warranty issue and that this is a feature for the pleasure of the purchaser. Then they changed their tune and said they couldnt reproduce any of the issues with 'extensive' testing despite me having videos and pictures to back up my claims of flashing screen, freezing screen, no audio, unit remaining on, intermittent connectivity to Apple CarPlay, etc. Trust me the list goes on. Ultimately I filed an OMVIC claim (Ontario arbitrator) and just before going to hearing they suddenly said since I have been a long time customer they will make an unprecedented decision to swap my RDX which at that time had about 15000 km on it. So now for the last 8 months I have been driving the new, still 2019, RDX and guess what.....exact same issues. I have taken it back to the dealership and I am getting the same 'an update is coming' messaging.

Im tired quite frankly. Have been very loyal to the acura brand since 2003. I give chances and have been patient. But this has become a safety issue when the screen is flashing at night, or the phone keeps getting disconnected and I have to quickly turn down the tuner volume and fumble while driving to put my phone on speakerphone.

So I am looking for all Canadians that have had infotainment issues as I have described to PM me on this forum with your email address. Dont worry I am not selling anyone's information. If you send your name and email I would like to start a group email together when I get about 50 people so that perhaps we can also start a class action suit against Acura Honda Manufacturing for this faulty and unsafe component of their vehicle which they keep insisting is a software update issue but that update just never happens. This is not just for the RDX, so if you know of anyone with Acura or Honda infotainment issues please let them know and they can also share their contact details. I dont have the time or energy to do anything sinister with your information and as you can see I am new to this site because I really just dont post on the net. But this issue needs to be addressed as this is consumer abuse. There is a class action lawsuit in the US but I dont think we can be part of that. We will need to retain a Canadian firm.
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