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2003 3.2CL-S 6spd

Looking for complete exhaust system, from the (including the) catalytic converter back. NE winters and the associated salt and whatever else they put in it is absolute MURDER on the underside of your car :( :cry:

Also my cabin rearview mirror ball joint had something break inside it, so now it can't support its own weight anymore and only points down. I don't actually need the mirror or it's electronics, I just need the arm that holds it up and the balljoint or whatever.

And, just for giggles, if someone has one, does anybody have an entire driver's side door? (Minus everything not described below. Everything IN my door works: electronics, glass, the panels aren't too dinged up, the interior is good. Previous owner must have had a leak in the very top weatherseal so the very top of the door, above the glass, has got a big rusted spot. Water hasn't gotten inside yet, but it's only a matter of time.) Silver would be nice :p
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