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Hi Everyone!!!

Long story short - I've driven a 2010 and 2012 automatic TL sh-awd and almost absolutely love the car! I'm consolidating my 05' Accord and 99' S2000 into a single do-it-all car, I think the manual TL is it! BUT, it's damn near impossible to find any being sold on this planet!! Argghh! :bash: So, I'm appealing to the community, is there anyone in So Cal (I will drive to you!) that has one and wouldn't mind showing it to me, and quite possibly doing a quick test drive in it with me? I'm incredibly curious to feel the clutch pick up/shifter feeling.

I've got my eye on a particular one being sold in Modesto, however, this is about 500 miles away from me. I don't want to waste any (of the 2) local private sellers time by driving their car without the intention of buying it, nor do I want to make the drive/flight up to Modesto for something I'm still on the fence about. To go manual or not is the question!?

Coffee/tea/beer/lunch is on me! I also want to pick your brain about maintenance and overall ownership.

Mods, if this is inappropriate or if there is another section that a plead like this belongs in - please move!

Thank you all very much!

-Colin :beerchug:
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