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Hey folks-
So...I'm in love with the second generation Legend coupes, especially the ones from 93-95 when they got 30 more horses. My last car was a '90 Legend LS sedan and I absolutely loved that too, and this time the newer coupes seems like the perfect ride for me. They seem to be damn hard to find though!
I'm moving back to California at the end of the month. If anyone has a second gen one to sell (I'd be quite happy with a 91-92 coupe still)...can you let me know! I'm moving down to the SoCal area, but making a pit stop back home in the South Bay Area first, so ideally the car would be somewhere in California, but I'd be willing to travel farther if it was the perfect car. Especially one in black, blue, grey, or even green. And black/grey leather preferably. Help me internet, help me!


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All I can say is good luck. They're getting pretty hard to come by, especially the Type II models. And for the units I have seen on sale have been pretty beat.

Many original owners are actually holding on to their Legends (these are going to be the ones in good condition) with no interest in selling.
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