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I joined this website to get some advise about Acura. I know that Honda basically makes Acura and I have owned both a Civic and Accord in the past. I am looking to buy an Acura but do not have much knowledge outside of the Integra (from my import tuner racing days). I take the upkeep is generally more expensive since Acura is basically a high end Honda. I am wanting to get a sedan, either a Vigor, Legend or early generation RL/TL between 1990-1997ish models. I would get a Integra sedan but its just not roomy enough. I will most likely be spending around $2000. I have mainly seen Legends and a few Vigors in this price range in my area. I am a little ify about a TL/RL in this price range even with high miles so I would like to know the most reliable sedan for the money, any major issues on any of these models, things to look for when buying one of these used or any models to stay away from. thank you for your advise.
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