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Hey guys,

I own a 2003 Acura 3.2TL. My driver side low beam bulb went out last week so I originally thought the bulb was out and bought replacements. Prior to the receiving the bulbs, the passenger side low beam and driver side hi beam went out also. All other lights work fine but both headlight assemblies have heavy condensation/moisture in them. After bringing my car to the mechanic and research, it seems like the ballast may have been damaged from moisture which appears to be a common problem.

I have a question on replacement parts and ease of installation. I currently have 2 D2R low-beam replacements bulbs and I'm thinking of buying the Kensun HID conversion kit 9005.

Will the kit be enough to replace the entire system? The kensun ballast doesn't appear to have the proper connection to the stock igniter for the low-beams.

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