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Hi guys,

I have a MDX 2009 with barely 14,000 miles on it... and noticed that yesterday the passenger's side xenon is not working anymore, I assume it burnt out.

I went to the dealer this morning and they scheduled an appointment on Thursday for an inspection to determine the problem. They advised that if its the bulb, it will not be covered under the warranty and would cost 235$ + labor. However if it's something with the main control system of the lights they would cover everything.

Just wanted to know if it makes any sense as to why wouldn't the XENON bulb replacement be covered under the warranty? And is it really that expensive?

Worst to worst, can the replacement be done by myself if I find it cheaper somewhere else? I'm asking as access seems virtually impossible to it without taking apart the grill/bumper?

In the case that I could replace it my self, am I required to stick with the original ACURA XENON replacement bulb or is there any other equivalents that could fit within requirements?

By doing a search on google, I found several options from resellers and some performance shops (HID kits, and other types replacement bulbs) that are over 70% cheaper that what the dealer is offering.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in [email protected]

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