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I have an 01 MDX AWD. It sat for 2 years, and now I'm trying to get it going for my son who just got his license. I've done a ton of work to it already, pretty much rebuilt the entire suspension. It's coming along, but I just noticed something strange. While driving, if I turn the steering wheel all the way right, it makes 1 and 1/2 full turns then stops. If I turn left, it makes 1 and 3/4 full turns before stopping. The wheels turn a good 2 inches further to the left than right. I made full turns and checked everything from the struts down. In both directions, the end links appear to be equidistant from the knuckle at stop. No movement in struts or steering rack. Both sides tie rod ends have been replaced. They match. The passenger CV axle is new, but is definitely the same dimensions as OEM. The alignment is toed in more than it should be right now, but it is centered correctly.

Does anyone know if this is standard on this vehicle? It doesn't seem to affect anything, but I can definitely make smaller circumference turns to my left. Also, when turning left, the wheels don't stop as abruptly. It gets hard, then continues another few inches, and doesn't have that definitive stop. Again, nothing is moving under the vehicle except the steering linkage and wheels.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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