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Honda is looking to outsell hot hatchbacks from brands like Volkswagen and Ford with its new Civic Type-R and now it has announced plans to compete with them on the racetrack as well.

The Japanese automaker today unveiled its new Civic Type-R racecar for the TCR International Series. The car will be prepared by Italian outfit JAS Motorsport and will first take to the track early next year when the 2018 racing season kicks off.

Unlike many motorsports competitions, the TCR Series uses cars that are based heavily on their production versions. The stock engine is used, though output is limited to 300 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. Honda’s Civic Type-R entry uses the stock engine, but builds on the package with a race-approved aerodynamics package, a different multi-link rear suspension setup, a racing ECU and an FIA-approved roll cage.
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