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Hello everyone,

this is delicate: today I wanted to attach simple iPod cable into my 2004/2005 TSX and I was terribly surprised. After unplugging the dash, there were NO inputs, no CD changer inputs, nothing described in most AUX devices like xcarlink and so. CD changer itself appears as single device, with no inputs at all.

To be more specific - my Acura TSX has navi and NO xm radio button (as I've been told, there are differencies here).

XM radio was included, but it was some kind of aftermarket. The most weird thing as you may ask - xm radio was not plugged in as audio device, but some kind of "antenna switch" or something, but I think this is the least important information. It has been also dettached (we here do not recieve xm radio signal - europe).

Is there any Acura TSX owner who have succesfully installed additional audio device into this type? (see picture bellow)

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I've seen some videos of guys installing audio into their hondas and acuras, but what the heck? There is no way I can plug in anything! ANY HELP APPRECIATED!
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