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Good evening AW, I desperately need some help. This weekend I swapped my motor in my 2000 integra and now it won't start. I put in a B18b1 just like what was in the car. I decided to swap the motor because it was burning more oil than gas. The new motor is in now and everything is hooked up. The car will turn over no problem but will not fire. First thing I checked was the firing order and that I had spark; I do. I then checked if I was getting fuel and I am. Next on the list was to check the timing and it was good as well. So I have fuel, air, spark and compression and the car won't start. A new problem has occurred, I'm getting sparks coming off of the valve cover. I checked the two ground wires and cleaned them up and made sure they were tight. When I tried to start the car again it wouldn't even turn over. I wiggled the front ground wire and then it started turning over again. Do you guys have any opinions or know what would cause this? I am at wits end here and starting to think its time to take it to a mechanic.

I have searched every forum that I know of and still no answers
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