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I'm selling my 2005 3rd Generation TL (automatic trans). I purchased this vehicle in February of 2009; it was acquired from a friend of my brother's in Fairfax, VA, who was the 1st/original owner of the vehicle. At the time of the sale, the odometer read 41,000 miles. Since then I've tacked on another 41,000. This particular TL has always been WELL taken care of inside and out not only by me, but also the original owner- it helps buying from someone you know and can trust when it comes to a vehicle's maintenance history.

Now, you're probably wondering why I've customized my TL. I knew from beginning that if I purchased an Acura TL I'd want mine to stand out from others only because there's an influx of 3rd generation TLs on the road; there's no denying that. As the secondary owner, I've personalized every modification that's been installed. I took it from stock and modified it into something more aggressive and appealing to the car enthusiasts' eye. Such modifications include: lowered 1" (Eibach pro kit suspension springs with Ingalls camber kit), hood molding bumper mesh grill (painted to match car's exterior color), smoked headlights, tinted windows (35%) and de-badged. I've left everything related to the interior of the car untouched- it's equipped with every single stock option you can possibly think of. Such premium options that stand out are: Navigation, Handsfree voice command/bluetooth, camel colored leather interior (GREAT contrast with the black exterior), etc.

Just recently, I ran a CARFAX report and it came back clean- not surprised. I have the report available for the prospective buyer's viewing if he/she should request it. I have meticulously maintained this car from the beginning, not ever having one problem with it. It has never been abused and has only been adult driven. I guarantee you will not find a cleaner 3GTL in the Northern VA area.

There are 2 minor cosmetic flaws on this vehicle. Flaw #1.) There is a quarter-sized spider crack in either the paint or the clear coat in the center of the rear bumper. If I didn't tell you about it, you most likely would not be able to find it. You can only see it when the light hits it at the right angle. Flaw #2.) There are two dime-sized impressions on the left and right of front hood. Once again, if I didn't tell you about it, you most likely would not be able to find them. Aside from minor blemishes, the car's paint is in great condition. 3 of the 4 wheels have minor wheel rash. It was detailed (washed, polished, Klasse All-In-One'd, Klasse Sealed and waxed) in May of 2012. I do NOT take this car through any kind of automatic carwash (even the brush-less ones). The interior of the vehicle is flawless. Most importantly (at least to me), there are no door dings (there was but I've had them removed). I take great pride in the fact that this car is door ding free. I can't stand them. It's the first thing I notice when I'm admiring a clean car. I've never had a problem parking a little further away from the rest of the crowd. 2 words: end spot.

There are no mechanical flaws whatsoever with this vehicle, nor have there ever been. All service records are available upon request. Since I've owned it, the car's oil has been changed every 5K miles with Mobil-1 synthetic oil. I have flushed the transmission twice already with Honda MTF. Falken ZIEX 912s (225 45 R17) were purchased and installed at 60k miles. The treads show signs of wear and tear; however I'm looking into the warranty since I've only gotten 20K plus miles out of them. I just replaced my battery around 60K miles. I alternate gasoline fill-ups with 89 octane & 93 octane (never 87 octane).

To be honest, I am only selling my TL because I plan on buying a house in the near future and would like to contribute the proceeds from the sale to a down payment. Bottom line, this car has been great to me. I am a firm believer that when you take good care of your car, it will take good care of you. I hope that the next owner will take as good of care of it as I have. Here's a quick recap on the vehicle for sale:

1. Price: $15,250

2. Mileage: 82,200

3. NHB with automatic transmission, fully loaded- Navi, voice command, etc.

4. Location: Fairfax, VA

5. I'm the second owner of this vehicle

6a. Title is clean and clear

6b. I currently hold the title in hand

7. VIN: 19UUA66235A052056

I have intentions of selling my car within the next week or two. I'll only be responding to serious inquiries. Please send me a PM if you're interested. Thank you for looking!


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