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This problem of the engine not turning over started about two months ago. Turn the key . . and nothing. Try again and it would start. Would only have the problem 2-3 times a month. Not temp or time related. Usually only took one or two more trys before it would start.

I put in a new battery - after 2 weeks it did it again.

being Friday the 13th - I knew I shouldn't have taken it out. Got stuck at a garage sale. Would not start for anything. Tried all three keys. I think it is the immobilizer - the green key flashes 5 times after I attempt to start it.

It is at the dealer now and will keep you posted as to what they find.

07/14/12: Shop just called - $120 to diagnose to be applied to fix . . . .
07/15/12: Shop called - Starter needs replaced . . $525
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