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My baby victim of Hit & Run!

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Came out of the apt. Sunday morning to go to the store, went to grab a CD out of the trunk, and what do I see? A nice dent, someone else's paint, and pieces of my paint missing on the rear bumper!

Some Ahole I guess in the wee hours tagged my car and left the scene. My car is only 3 months old, now I have to go and get it fixed. Since my deductible is $500, this will most likely be all out of pocket.

I probably went around the apartment complex 5 times yesterday looking at each car for signs of damage. I haven't found anything yet, but I'll keep looking until I find this mf'er and give them the beatdown of his/her life.

My neighbors heard tires screeching at about 3am and when they looked outside, they saw an aqua color Ford truck with tan trim wheeling away. Now on my bumper, there is alot of tan colored residue, almost powdery in substance, which makes me think that it just might have been that truck since it has that tan trim that Ford puts around its trucks/SUV's. But, there was no aqua color, only white. So who knows???

Oh well, have to call an make an appointment to get my baby fixed! Just needed to vent!!! :mad:
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dude i'm sorry to hear that. i can relate...only my damage was $5500 about a year ago...all out of pocket too.

sucks. good luck with the repairs.
sorry to hear that man. any damage to your car not done by your is ALWAYS the most painful thing :(
thats wat i am paranoid about is hit and run, thats why i hope karma exists so they'd get it done back to them.
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