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My buddy messaged me on facebook regarding his '92 Vigor GS. He is proud of the car and loves it but is having a tranny issue right now. Plz read the below text he sent me and give me some input? Would b much appreciated. He doesn't often have 'net access so I'm trying 2 help him out. I've always been a fan of the Vig, never owned one but we did have an '03 3.2 TL, it's successor, for a few years.

Paraphrased msg 1- intro
I have an acura vigor gs 92. I have done extensive sound deadening and I'm hoping to get it to about as quiet as a lexus. I am a ways from that, but it is hella quieter. Its quite quick for an automatic. You can tell that the motor doesn't mind going to redline, its smooth as silk. I don't often drive like that, but its sometimes fun to floor it for whatever reason and not feel worried or guilty about doing it. Know what I mean?

K here's the latest message from him regarding the tranny:

Thats cool. Its got 184,000. I know I wish it were the 5 speed. So the car only after it warms up will begin to want to surge at stoplights. Its weird if I'm stopped and it begins to begin to try and grab thus killing the engine 1/10 of the time, 1/5 of the time if the fan is on, if I am able to creep up just a few feet sometimes just a few inches it subsides, or visa versa. I keep reading that Honda and Acura both recommend using only genuine Honda transmission fluid. I suspect that perhaps the tranny fluid was changed some time before I bought it with non genuine Honda automatic tranny fluid, thus creating this problem. The internet states that Honda and Acura recommend using only genuine fluid. Do you think that this could be the cause? The transmission feels strong and makes no funny noises or smells, and the tranny fluid still looks new...

My response: (note I am no expert so I ask for your help, will give u guys the credit, and steer him toward this page :)):

Could be a couple things. Could b worn clutch packs which would require a rebuild, if previous owner changed the fluid at high miles and it hadn't been done before that usually does more harm than good at that point cuz I've been told the junk in the old fluid sometimes is the only thing holding it together. Using the wrong fluid is always a bad idea and doesn't help.. sometimes its a marketing ploy for ppl to buy their overpriced fluid (like the GM engines and Dex-Cool years ago), other times thats real shit and can fuck shit up. My sis's 07 VW has to hav VW coolant, I suspect if she used anything else it might well mess the car up. But u say it shifts strong and feels right otherwise so could be something less serious like a shift solenoid or some other electrical issue. I'll look into it a lil more 4 u

There u have it. Can it be from using the wrong fluid? Electrical gremlin? Common problem or has anyone experienced this themselves? Any input is welcome and appreciated. -Andy
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