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The Acura MDX is an 09 with 60K miles on it and has Tech and Ent pkg factory installed. Have not inspected the car as its 600 miles away at a dealership but would this be a good price if the car is in excellent condition?

Tax would be another 6% and fees are $398 Doc Fee, another $95 Fee I forgot what it is, plus $400 for the registration (not sure why thats the case when ml350 msrp was 50K and 1 year registration here in MI was $155).

Now the care isnt certified and even though the dealership also has an acura dealership they franchise with a few miles away, they wouldnt offer me acura care. They said I would have to purchase it myself here in MI and that the cost would be $1800 for 2 years of acura care bumper to bumper warranty (same warranty you get when buying acura mdx new) plus $100 deduct.

Any of that true? and Also, the warranty seems high for just 2 years. Ive seen 5 year warranties in the 3k range with other companies.

Thanks again for all your help in my earlier thread. Hopefully this Vehicle will be my last purchase for a couple more years.
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