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Hello all, I thought I'd give you an update...
I ended up buying 2004 TSX white pearl with 6MT and 211,000 kilometers(130,000 miles) on it for $5500. Bought it from a salesperson, so most of it is highway driving (had proof of it). Car is one owner and was dealer maintained, AC compressor replaced, timing chain replaced, clutch was also replaced 3 years ago, previous owner used conventional oil. I want to start using synthetic and am wondering if Penzoil Platinum with Mobil 1 oil filter would be good enough? Also car consumes some oil between oil changes, but it is common on 04 TSX... I checked the oil and although it was only replaced back in June (3000km) ago, it looked dirty. Not sure if it should be of a concern or not.? If you have anything to educate me on please feel free...THX!!!
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