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likes and dislikes on MY 14 MDX Tech Car

my likes...
jewel LED Headlights
good/decent MPG
good 2nd & 3rd row seat options
tech is impressive
nice drive, smooth and quite
driver select key fob and new key fob design
birdview maps
blind spot monitor
ELS sound system
slim turn signals on side mirrors

my dislikes...
needs real wood interior
needs better aluminun trim interior (like RLX)
navi lockout while driving (SUCKS)
need 8 way power passenger
seat no pwr folding mirrors
needs better quality leather thourghout (i need advance package)
shift knob area leather feels cheap/thin as well
would like a closed cup holder area like the older MDX
needs better color combo for white, etc...
hard disc drive is lame because it takes too long to rip ablums, usb flash drive solves this problem, so HDD can go! (would be cool to offer multipe usb drives so u can charge your phone and use flash drive for music at same time)
I WANT exposed tailpipes to give it sportier apperance
need both mirror to tilt down in reverse, not only one
needs ambient lighting inside
don't like the extended view driver side mirror
bluetooth delay when watching movie from iPad using bluetooth audio
50K "2014" Luxury car should have eletronic parking i.e. like RLX
anti glare side mirror should be part of Tech Package
basic option like parking sensors should be tech package (I'll forgo the LDW)

my initial impressions.. what are yours?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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