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Need help removing plastic clip

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Step I in removal of bumper lip calls for unscrewing the bolt with a 10mm wrench. DONE.. then it says remove the plastic clips. These plastic clips, do they twist off, pry off, pulled off WHAT????Do they come off completely ? I manage to loosen one off by twisting a flat screwdriver between the clip and the bumper plastic, Do I try to yank them off? PLEASE HELP
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If they're anything like the trim clips in the engine bay, then what you do is:
  1. Pry up the center piece with a screwdriver
  2. Lift up the center piece until it stops
  3. Lift the sleeve (bumper) piece up. The whole clip should come off.
The trim clip assembly looks like this, if I recall properly:
     |__  __|
        ||    <-- Inner piece
       \  /   <-- Bump in inner piece causes
        \/        clasp in outer piece to expand,
                  locking the assembly in place.

  |___:____:___|  <-- Outer piece
 -----||  ||-----
 /////||  ||///// <-- Trim surface
 -----||  ||-----
     //    \\
     \\    //     <-- Clasp can contract to allow
      \\  //          outer piece to be removed.
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cool, thanks Daverman
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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