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need help switching out alarm 'chirp'

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Our current alarm when the doors are locked with our remote goes beep. I am interested in switching it to a slighter louder and higher pitch 'chirp, chirp'
can someone help me begin the selection, installation process. I don't think I need to switch out the whole alarm unit, just the sound chip, right? what kind should I get that will produce the 'chirp, chirp' sound? How much does it cost? Where do I buy it at? How difficult is it to install. Thanks, you guys are the greatest.

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well try lookin for the siren or something.....but i heard somewhere it could not be done, but i dunno because you have a good luck bro!:dunno:
This will be interesting mod if possible. How about making "beep" when un-locking the doors, too?
I would lend to thinking it was hard programmed in...not something that you just replace a chip and it's done...I'm sure you could replace the actual horn under there easy that'd be....hmmm...

Yeah, your best bet would be finding out where the beeping horn is and then hooking that up in a way that would meet your needs. I've searched, but can't be sure where the beeper is. I think it's somewhere near the passenger side of the dash or engine compartment.
Bebber said:
I think it's somewhere near the passenger side of the dash or engine compartment.
I agree. I can always hear it louder when I'm on the passenger side.

Does anyone know where that little beeper is?
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