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Car: ACURA TL 2004.
Issue: The air conditioning in the car was blowing air - but NOT cold air.
I got the all the parts - the compressor, the orifice, compressor oil etc, and had a mobile mechanic check it out.
He tested the unit and said that the compressor was fine, but the problem was with the "SWITCH" in the dashboard. He said that the clutch in the compressor was clicking so it COULD NOT be the compressor.

He said he had ordered the "SWITCH" (I presume it was the dealer), for $ 44.00, but never returned to fix my car.. He did not give me the part number, which is why I am posting here.
On a google search, I got the following as a result:

2004 Acura TL Ac Climate Control Unit 79610-SEP-A42

Could this be the "Switch", the mechanic referred to - or could it be something else.... ?

I live in Dallas TX. Thanks in advance for your replies.
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