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my car is a 2000 acura ac went out i checked the fuse and resistor all good it wasit working on any speed i pulled the blower and i had power to the motor so i put a new one in it didin come with a wiring harness so i cut the one that hooks up to the motor and spliced them up well it did work it blew cold air but in didin blow hard it blew for about 1 min and just slowly died down and quit and wouldin come back on i could hit the wires and it would turn a very very lil not even a whole turn come to find out i hooked the wires up backwards cause the colors dont match up but i bought another new motor hooked it up right it was blowing good like it should i drove for about 20 mins and it just quit so i pulled it out and it would do like the outher one and just bumb a lil when i hit the wires so i dont know what to do????? the output on the wire was reading a lil over 13 volts if that gots anything to do with it??? i was thinking maybe i had to many volts coming into the moter and just blew it up but idk
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