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Have a 92 vig,after replacing the intake manifold gasket,and breaking the plastic off of the rear knock sencor,I started getting a code 53 for the rear one.I figured since they were so hard to get too i`d replace them both while the manifold was off.After I got it running I started getting the 53 code,it wouldnt come on at a particular time or rpm but still came up.Thinking it maybe a bad sencor I bought another(ebay for 10.00 a peice,the local parts places want 140.00) and still the same thing.I then read that voltage spikes from tha alternater could cause this so I put on another I had.Then the vehicle started behaving completly different,the light always comes on when the rpm`s hit 2200,no more no less.Also after a long freeway drive and you come to a stop the engine will barely idle,but it doesnt do that consistently.When it does that I turn it off and back on and the idle straightens out.I pulled the green plug from the back of the alternator and the problem persist so I "think" I can rule out the alternator.This has been a royal PITA,does anyone have any ideas or better an answer to this?
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