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New to Acuras and appreciate any and all assistance. Just purchased a 06 TL one owner with 55 K miles. VIN 19UUA662X6A066344. The transmission seems rough or it may be that I have never owned a front wheel drive car. A few questions please?

Are there any open recalls on this Vin ?

What are or are there any known issues with the transmission that I should have looked at right away at 55 k miles ?

What preventative maintenance should I do right away to prevent transmission issues ?

Do I have to buy NAV discs to update the NAV unit ?

Can the on board ECU be " flashed " to make the transmission " smoother " ?

Oh who is the Acura TL master guru in or around Nashville TN.

Thanks - Im not stupid just paranoid and OCD.

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The service on the transmissions is a simple drain and fill. I would suggest going with the factory DW-1 fluid, however many others have done their own blend, so YMMV. At 55k miles, if the trans hasn't been serviced, I would do it soon.

I can't say about any open recalls or TSB's. If I remember, you can sign up for Acuralink (or whatever the hell it's called now-a-days), plop you VIN in there and it should bring up TSB's.

Thus far, there hasn't been any programmers to date that can adjust how the transmission mapping. I think Hondata had recently released Flashpro that will work on some of these cars, however, it can only do engine parameters.

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Yes, the electronics are working from the motor, to the trans. Not the other way around, and yes Flashpro has been released, for racing purposes, but surely you can go with a route that saves more gas and lowers your HP. So the transmission will "run smoother"
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