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What are you looking for? Best bang for the buck is a CAI (Cold Air Intake) and / or exhaust. For the '97-00 3.0 CL, all accord V6 engine products fit.

Springs lower the car a bit, and give it a better feel in corners. Sways are a must for handling.

Suggested sites are and

The best upgrade I did to my CL was better tires though. The better handling from better traction was well worth it. See my sig for my tires, though the CLS wheels are a different size than the 1st gen 3.0.

Did that answer your question? We've got a SuperModerator, CLPower, that has done darned near everything to his 1st gen. I'll make sure he sees this. :)

dpatrick said:
Just purchased a 98 CL 3.0. Interested in playing with it but short on cash. Where can I find a description on mods, cost, and relative performance boost?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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