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New bulb from Raybrig for 02+ tails

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Stealth bulbs.. silver but blink amber..

however, here's the good part.. it looks like it fits perfectly so you don't have to file off the ear of a 1156 bulb..

check it out.. I'm currently looking for a place to buy them..


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is that light up amber? if so why dont you use the old one and pant your white then you wont see the yellow bulb inside. if it light hyper white or something then it would be cool.
Well the point of getting this bulb is so you don't have to paint your bulbs.. which even if done right won't look as good as this one.. and you also risk the paint smoking and burning if you don't do it right..

I also found that APC makes a 1156 and a 1157 version just like this stealth one.. APC can be bought at Pep Boys usually, I'll stop buy tomorrow and let you guys know what I find..

the 1157 version would be great for people with cleared headlights or people who want to get rid of some of that amber up front.. :D

There are others who make the hyper white ones that are silver.. I think Senko makes some..
I've spray painted my Polarg hyperwhite 1157 bulbs with high temperature silver paint by Rustoleam. The results are pretty good and they didn't fall apart or smoke up a storm when I installed them. This was a high wattage 35W bulb too, so it generated a lot of heat. I would highly recommend this spray paint for anyone wanting to get rid of that trace of bulb color that can be seen through the clear tails when the bulb is off. When the bulb is on, the color will still be the same.

Right now, I've upgraded my front turn signals to Polarg Visual series 1157 bulb which blinks hyperwhite but looks like a cool silver/mercury coated effect when it is off. Kinda like these new Raybrigs I guess. These Polargs weren't cheap though, like $20 per bulb. I suspect the Raybrigs would be similarly priced.

I've seen those APC bulbs at Pep boys before. The quality looked so-so, so I didn't even bother buying them. If you want to give them a try, you might as well. They're certainly the cheapest silver coated bulb option available.
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