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As per all forums, this is the mandatory "I'm the new guy here" post. It's technically my wife's car but I do most research and make sure she's happy...Happy wife Happy life. We bought our brand new 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD back in April of 2011 from Beaumont, TX. Have loved the car and so has the wife (I'm doing well so far). She has been great although we dealt with some drama at first.
1. We bought the car custom picking what we wanted...pearl white with tan interior(which was a PITA since the movie Thor came out and the Black on Black was a big finding our car was difficult). When we bought it, they gave us a loaner since we traded in the car right then and it took about 2-3 weeks because the one they first tried to get had a hail storm hit it the day before pickup. Then another they went to pick up wasn't in the condition we wanted...PERFECT CONDITION. Good thing Acura and their salesman was so good or we would have turned around. Acura was really helpful and saved us and kept us at ease.
2. We were due to get the first oil change done and they came to her work(which is about 45 mins away from dealer), picked up the car, changed oil and stuff, dropped it back off...with a huge hole in the middle of the front bumper where a truck's rock flipped up and went through it!!! I called them and they took care of it with a second thought(did i mention the Acura dealer was pretty good?).
3. Two weeks after that the fog light got busted out so we had to order another(about $250).
4. We had the battery do some weird stuff and had to have it replace by the dealer when we were just passing through to have them look at it. They took it in, ran some test, replaced the battery and reset the computer and we were on our way within about 20-30 mins (again....awesome dealership).
5. Month 6 of owning it, we got rear ended by another car and had to have it repaired. Nothing too horrible, but it bent up exhaust, bumper, side rear fenders, etc. Got it all taken care of.
6. And now about 8 months ago we got a bad hail storm and had to have the dents fixed. Got a guy that took 3 weeks to do paintless dent repair...BADLY! Then I got someone else to come back and take care of it within 5 days.
....other than all this the car is great! Haha. I know it sounds like I'm crying about it, but we really do love this car. People still tell my wife at work that her car looks like a brand new car, then They find out we've had it for over 2 1/2 years and look at her like she's crazy. I'm a little anal about keeping my cars clean. Any way, that's our adventure with the TL so far...we'll see what else comes up. Nice to meet everyone!:beerchug:
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