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Hello All,

This site has been very helpful to me, so I thought it was time to register. For the past year, I've owned a 1999 RL - purchased from the original owner with 47,000 miles. I've put another 3k on it this year, so we just turned 50,000 this month. In all candor, the car is just about as close to perfect as you can find.

I've had two Legend L's in the past, an 89 5 speed sedan and a 93 sedan - both lots of fun. I really wanted another Legend - I think the style of the second gen Legend is timeless, but trying to find one with under 150K miles is about impossible.

So I drove an RL or two and was satisfied. Two years of looking later, I stumbled upon my low mile example. It's the pearl white with gray leather - nav model. It's all stock - I tend to roll that way. With the help of this site, over the past year I've repaired the NAV system, the rear view mirror and have just changed the cabin air filter, among other, less involved things.

Car wise, I've owned about 50 in my 45 years, the oldest being a 56 Buick Special Riviera. I'm mostly familiar with late 60's / early 70's GM muscle cars and usually have one for fun, currently a 15,000 mile 1987 Monte SS fills the bill. It's the newest "muscle" car I've owned and have been thinking of returning to a first Gen Monte Carlo - I've always preferred those.

Anyway, TMI there. Glad to be a part of this group.

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